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Join in the fun of Oysterfest and participate in the festival competitions, you might even walk away with some cash. If you have an uncanny ability to swallow oysters blindfolded or can fillet a fish faster than Rex Hunt then there’s a competition for you at this event.  

Check out the prizes available & rules here Comp Rules | Ceduna Oysterfest

Registration is on the day at the volunteer tent, check the programming for competition times.

Moz Dan Resized.jpg

Oyster Shuck and Eat Competition

Choose your partner wisely. You will be blindfolded and hands tied, your team mate will need to be a super shucker. You are required to completely ingest 12 of our famous oysters faster than your competitors.


Thevenard Fish Processors
Fish Filleting

Will you be participating in our ever popular Fish Filleting Competition?  Do you have what it takes to win this prestigious event?

Stein Holding 2022.jpg

Ceduna 4 Evafit Gym

A battle of strength, teams of 6 battle it out to be the ultimate tug-a-war champions!

Numerical Real Estate Stein Holding Competition (Children - Ice Coffee Holding)

Can you outlast your competitors? Without spilling a drop, the longest stein hold wins!


5th - 6th
October 2024

Ceduna Foreshore,

O'Loughlin Terrace,
Ceduna SA, 5690, AUSTRALIA

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